domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

SIGLEM 575: Minimalistic Poetry

A siglem 575 is a poem that is written based on the letters of the word or words that define the topic and constitute its title. The theme is open and the words that define it constitute the title, which is represented as a kind of acronym, written in uppercase. Each stanza has three verses, and the first word of the first one must begin with the corresponding letter of the acronym. The metric is 5-7-5, with free rhyme. Because of its acronym nature, the stanzas should be able to function independently as a self standing poem, and together, as part of a poem of several stanzas that revolves around the same theme. In a siglem 575 there are as many stanzas as letters are in the title

© Patricia Schaefer Röder, August 15, 2011.


Help in many forms
our brothers and sisters
need it evermore.
Other people cry
disease and hunger are real
we’ll lend them a hand.
Peace and hope are here
they’ll grow stronger among us
in every heartbeat.
Eternal freedom
souls and spirits will survive
because we’re all one.

©2012 PSR

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